About Us

About ISAC Philippines


Strengthening Seafarers and Their Families Networks for the Defense of their Rights and Promotion of their Welfare and Development


Engendering a Growing Global Community of Empowered Seafarers and Families Alleviated from Socio-Cultural, Political and Economic Injustice.


Commitment to the Promotion of People Empowerment and Social Justice As Well as the Defense and Protection of the Rights, Welfare and Privileges of Disadvantaged Seafarers and their Families.


  • Empower Disadvantaged Seafarers in the Exercise of their Civil, Political, Social, Legal and Economic Rights;
  • Foster Unity and Solidarity Among Seafarers and Link Them to Other Workers and Sectors Such as Labor Unions, Legal and Medical Professionals, Institutions, NGOs and Other International Bodies;
  • Serve as an Action Center to Assist Seafarers and Their Families in the Pursuit of Their Rights and in seeking Meaningful Reforms in the Laws, Policies and Programs Affecting Them;